Upright Pianos

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The Upright or Vertical Piano

upright pianos

When it comes to fitting a piano into your home sometimes a grand piano isn’t always an option, and as much as we love them and their sound it just isn’t feasible. So an upright piano is a much better option to take as they will fit in most rooms and hallways given their average dimensions, and the still have a wonderful sound and tone to them. Many people often become confused when they hear a piano described as an upright piano, but the upright piano is actually the most common type of piano to be situated in homes all across the world. The upright piano itself has many parts which can be found on all upright pianos, the only thing that will differ is the size and in some circumstances the shape of the parts due to designs and brands.

Verticals can produce wonderful tone and is great for practicing on, this is why so many people have them in their homes as they provide great quality and are small enough to practice on at home. It would be hard to fit a grand piano in most average sized homes and it would cause complications, it is a much better idea to purchase an upright piano for home practice as they still provide a fantastic musical experience for all players and listeners. Two very popular upright piano companies are Yamaha and Weber. Yamaha produce a wide range of musical equipment and instruments which makes their upright pianos a little less expensive yet still good quality. 

Pianos in general are quite expensive which for some people is a hurdle in the path. Times are tough at the moment with money so it makes sense to try and save on your upright piano purchase.  Some people prefer to buy used upright pianos as they provide a more worn in sound which is pleasing to a lot of musicians ears. Whether you are looking for a new or used upright piano, Randy’s Wholesale Pianos can help.  It really comes down to personal preference whether you wish to buy a used upright piano or brand new one.  Overall upright pianos provide a great sound, tone and practicing experience for all piano players of all levels.