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Finally! I searched long and hard to find the perfect piano for me and Randy's helped me make my dream a realty. I now have a gorgeous mid 90's Yahama G2 piano in my loft and I could not be happier. The piano is in absolutely amazing condition, so much so that my piano teacher, my tuner, and everyone else who has looked at it was blown away. Randy's truly over-delivered! I could not be happier with my piano. It's the perfect piano for me, and it's the best of that piano out there!

I bought a 1988 Yamaha C5 from Randy's last December (2015). The piano was delivered to my home in Virginia in just a couple weeks, right before Christmas which gave us additional joys during that holiday season. The C5 looks much better than what I'd seen in pictures and sounds a lot more pristine than what I'd had in mind. Randy even gave me an adjustable bench instead of a regular one. Just last Saturday, a local piano tuner came and tuned the C5 as Randy and Mary had promised. My daughter and son love playing on this piano and my family truly appreciate Randy's and Mary's efforts in this transaction. I Strongly recommend Randy's for any of your Piano needs.  

Great people running a great piano shop! Knowledgeable, ready to help in many ways -pleasant to deal with! I highly recommend Randy's to all music lovers!

I am a repeat customer to Randy's. 2 years ago I bought a 5 foot grand from Randy's, and was very pleased with the whole process. From purchase to delivery everything was perfect. I found myself wanting a bigger and better piano, and I found it at Randy's. Charlie, who works at Randy's, helped me through the process. I might be considered by most as difficult to work with when it comes to buying something as important as a piano. Charlie handled everything great. He knew when to leave me alone, but was always close by to answer all my questions, while I spent 3 hours looking at the 7 foot Young Chang that I eventually bought. Charlie also kept me updated on the preparation for delivery. I live in a stilt house, one flight of stairs. The four guys that brought the piano up to my living room were the best at what they do. When they unwrapped the piano, it was exactly as promised. The delivery guys made sure I was happy with the placement in the room, and everything was perfect before they drove off. I am very pleased with my experience at Randy's Wholesale Pianos, and if I decide to go bigger and better I know right where I will go.   

Our family recently moved to Tampa and we have a seven year old daughter that loves music and wants to learn how to play the piano. My husband and I are not musicians nor do we have any knowledge of the complexity of the piano musically OR mechanically. We bought a piano from a local dealer who took advantage of that ignorance and sold us a Baby Grand that arrived in a box and was set up within minutes before they left. When our daughter began her lessons it quickly became apparent that the piano's mechanics were never set up and we had no idea that a new piano requires hours of "set up" before it can be played, which is normally part of the purchase. For example, when you buy a new car you expect it to be mechanically set up to drive and not just a pretty thing to look at. It's the same with a piano. When you purchase a piano it should play!!! We literally had keys that didn't make a sound!!!! Obviously that was not a great way to be welcomed to Tampa. When Randy found out what happened to us he personally took it upon himself to send one of his professionals out to save the day and set up our piano so that it plays BEAUTIFULLY and HE PAID FOR IT! What? True Story....we didn't even buy the piano from him! Randy restored our faith in mankind, in being a consumer, and the integrity of the music business. We will forever be his customer and are so thankful we found him. Randy is a class act and I encourage anyone in need of a piano to do business with him! Thank you so much Randy for helping make music come alive in our house and brightening the life of our little girl! 

A few months ago I purchased a Yamaha baby grand piano from Randy's Wholesale Pianos. Randy and Mary provided outstanding customer service, and Randy was able to help me pick a beautiful piano that fit within my budget. Both Randy and Mary are extremely personable and knowledgeable. They made the purchase simple, easy and pleasurable. The piano was delivered on time and in excellent condition. I also had a player installed on the piano which works great. Randy even personally delivered a piece of equipment to me that will allow the player to play through my home surround sound. Before I made a decision on the piano, I called and met with a few other piano sales people. Needless to say, I was not impressed with them or their reticence to provide me pricing information over the phone. I originally spoke with Randy and he provided pricing and other information over the phone to me which is what prompted me to go to his store to see the pianos he had in stock. Overall, an excellent experience buying from Randy's Pianos, and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering purchasing a piano.

A hundred Thank You's to Randy's for bringing me the most beautiful Yamaha piano I could have ever hoped for. Wonderful customer service, delivery right on time, exceedingly outstanding tone quality and everything they claimed about this piano has born itself to be true.

We have been shopping for a nice baby grand piano because our kids play piano. In fact, one of our sons played in Carnegie Hall in New York and we are thankful that we found Randy and his piano store. We spoke to him over the phone, but We were not sure if we are going to believe him and buy it by dealing over the phone and not seeing it personally. So we traveled to his piano store in Clearwater, FL and met him. We saw the exact description of the piano that he mentioned over the phone. He also gave us a great price and did exactly what he said over the phone. We are satisfied talking with him and with the Yamaha that we purchase. The piano is preowned but it looks and sounds brand new. He is trustworthy and does what he says he will do. We wish that every sales person and business were like Randy's Wholesale Pianos. The transporters were also good and professional. We are now just waiting for the tune up of the Piano after the transport. We highly will recommend him to our friends without hesitation.

Very Good Piano Got it For a really low price too! Really nice people. Great service! I would recommend this piano store for a friend.

I am thrilled with the wonderful piano I recently purchased from Randy's. Randy and Mary were so helpful. The piano selection was large and varied and of very nice quality. The delivery to Ocala was timely, and the delivery staff were pleasant and efficient. The piano was set up very professionally. I highly recommend that anyone considering a piano purchase contact Randy. Thank you, Randy and Mary and delivery staff for your FIVE STAR business!