Piano Moving - Local, National & International

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Piano Moving - Local, National & International

We treat your piano as though it were our own!

Randy’s American Piano Liquidators has a fully licensed and insured staff of professional piano movers who have over 40 combined years of experience moving nothing but pianos.  Providing hundreds of flawless moves each year, we offer moving services for all pianos locally, nationally, and even worldwide. 

Maintaining our own import/export license, having extensive knowledge of ISPM-15 certified lumber requirements for international shipping and staying current with the new ivory restriction laws are just some of the reasons we are one of the leading experts in packing and crating pianos for international shipment.  We have shipped to just about every state in the US (including Hawaii), and internationally to Canada, the Netherlands, South Africa, China, and Poland just to name a few.  

Our team is able to handle even the most challenging moves from taking a 9 foot grand piano up a spiral staircase to having a piano crane lifted through a window.  There is no move too big or too small. 

Piano repairs are costly and our repair shop routinely takes in pianos that were moved by regular furniture movers or do-it-yourself movers that wound up damaged due to improper handling.  There is no reason to take a chance with one of your most prized possessions - call us to ensure that your piano is transported safely and without incident.  Be sure to inquire about our local move & tune packages for some great money saving rates!

7'6 Yamaha C7 semi-concert grand piano being moved up a spiral staircase by our team.