Piano Appraisals

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Deciding on a fair-market asking price for your Grand Piano can prove to be a challenging experience for most private individuals. Looking at the price a dealer is asking for a particular make & model is not a fair representation of the amount the dealer is actually willing to accept for the piano. Most sticker prices are marked up by thousands in order to allow for negotiating room, possible trade-in's & the retail expenses they incur. Appraisals given by technicians are sometimes not accurate as well due to the fact that most technicians do not have firsthand knowledge of pricing in today's piano sales market. 

There are several websites out there that will charge you for a high & unrealistic appraisal of your piano. These websites are mostly run by dealers who would like to see your piano priced much higher than it should be so that it will not compete with retail sales. We have over 20 years experience in both private and retail piano sales and we can advise you on a realistic asking price for your private sale.