Assist-A-Sale Program (Nationwide)

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While we do have a piano shop in the Tampa Bay area, we do not take in consignment pianos in order to keep our overhead as low as possible allowing us to put more profit in your pocket in the long run.  With our Assist-a-Sale process, the piano remains in your home while we market it for you through our website, craigslist and eBay.  We will field all phone calls and e-mail inquiries for you, answer any questions a potential buyer may have and negotiate the best possible price for your piano.  We will also advise you on which pianos are suited for nationwide marketing and which pianos are best suited for the local market.  

This service is provided to piano sellers nationwide. What we require from you is: Good photographs and for you to have a member of the Piano Technicians Guild provide us with a written inspection of the piano in order for us to be able to accurately describe the condition of your piano.  We will make arrangements with a member of the guild in your area to come out and do the inspection, and you will be responsible for paying them for the inspection (This fee is usually $150 or less depending on your location). There are no other upfront costs for you other than the inspection and we only get paid once we have successfully sold your piano. You are under no contract with us and until we inform you that we have a buyer and a written & signed agreement is in place stating that we are being authorized to sell your piano for a specific price on a specific day, you are free to sell it on your own at any time. Once your piano has sold, we will even make arrangements for a local licensed and insured piano mover to remove it from your home.