Grand Pianos

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The Grand Piano

Grand Pianos A grand piano in the home makes a statement that is exactly that: Grand. A grand piano is elegant and stately; it tells visitors to your home that you are a person of style and that you appreciate the finest things. But when you look for a grand piano for sale, how do you know which one to buy? 

It’s important to know that when it comes to buying a grand piano there can be a huge variance in the price tags. Not every piano is created equally, which is the reason for the gap in price from the lower end (which can be around $5,000) to the high end (which can reach upwards of $200,000). What is the reason for the difference in price? The higher-end grand pianos are made with higher-quality aged woods and more hand craftsmanship than the lesser-priced models. Moreover, the more expensive pianos will have been made with more luxurious leathers and felts as well. This is not to suggest that a lesser-price grand piano isn’t worth buying. Not at all! Even less-expensive grand pianos are a great asset to your home, with their rich sound and stately appearance. You may notice a richer sound from a more expensive model, but even a lesser priced one will have a lovely sound.

The decision whether to buy a grand piano should take into consideration where you intend to use it. A grand piano that will be used at home will not likely get as much use as one that would be used, for example, in a church. Therefore, if you are looking for a grand piano for sale to put in your home, you need not spend as much on it as you would for one that would see more wear and tear. Another consideration is the size of the grand piano.

Grand Piano Dimensions

Generally speaking, any piano 5 feet 5 inches or larger is considered a grand piano. Typical dimensions are:

  • Concert Grand Piano: 9 feet and over
  • Professional Grand Piano: 6 feet 1 inch to 7 feet 5 inches
  • Parlor Grand Piano: 5 feet, 5 inches to 6 feet

Choose the size of grand piano you buy based on the size of the room in which it will be placed. 

In terms of brand names, there are many great choices for your grand piano. Choose a name like Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Young Chang, Weber, or Mason and Hamlin to name a few reputable brands. In some cases, a few brands are no longer in production, but if you are looking for a used grand piano for sale, these are great brands to consider. It is generally easy to find parts for all of these brands should anything break or need replacing down the road. 

Buying a grand piano is an investment, and we here at Randy’s American Piano Liquidators take pride in having the best selection and prices of used grand pianos for sale in the nation.  A purchase that will save you thousands of dollars and give you and your family years of enjoyment. From here you can be sure you are buying a high-quality, well-made product, with included warranties.  We will assist you with regular maintenance to keep your grand piano looking and sounding its best.