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Choosing The Right Piano (2)

Help! My child is a beginning student. What kind of piano should I buy?

Several factors are involved when deciding which piano will be the best one for your child.  Consideration should be given not only to their immediate needs, but also to their long term goals.  

Many parents state that they are interested in purchasing a 'cheap' piano until they know if their child is going to stick with the lessons.  Several deciding factors will come into play with regard to your children continuing their piano education. They will need to enjoy what they are hearing and experiencing while playing their piano if they are going to be drawn to practice, bond with that instrument and view the piano as something they love and cherish.

Parents who encourage their children to explore a musical journey with a piano are giving a gift that will last a lifetime.  Practice time should be fun and exciting!  It also should not be in competition with distractions such as television, radio or video games.  If practice is perceived as a special time for your child - they are more likely to look forward to it,  take full advantage of it, and stick with it for many years to come.

When making your purchase, you should ask yourself if you wish to purchase a piano that will be adequate for your child for a couple of years, or are you interested in purchasing a piano that will be well suited throughout many years of their studies.  This is an important factor when making your decision.  If your child starts out on a small upright and they advance in their studies - chances are good that their teacher will want them to move up to a better piano within a few short years.      

Budget is also an obviously important factor.  While a $2,500 upright may seem like a large investment for a beginning student - when you really think about it - if you or your child use that piano daily for 2 years.....that breaks down to $3.42 per day.  

If you consider these things before heading out to make your purchase, you will be much better equipped to ask the right questions from the dealer and make the best decision for you and your child.

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Buying/Selling a piano through Craigslist

Craigslist can be a wonderful resource for those who are looking to buy or sell a piano that would not be appropriate for sale in a retail atmosphere.  When we talk about retail atmosphere - one must keep in mind that it costs a dealer roughly $1,000 - $1,500 to pick up, market, service, deliver and sell a piano.  Let's be honest here - dealers do need to make a profit in order to pay their bills, their employees and remain in business.  There are many pianos out there that would be well suited for private individual sale that a dealer simply cannot take into their showroom.  With that being said, there are some VERY important factors to consider when buying or selling your piano through Craigslist or a similar venue.

Buying through Craigslist:

You have found what seems to be a GREAT deal - what are the steps you should take and what factors should you consider?  First and foremost, spend a little bit of extra money (usually around $150) to have a piano technician come out and inspect the piano.  A technician will be able to detect any potential problems this piano may have such as pinblock issues (which will render a tuning useless in some cases), problems with the action, strings, pins etc.  Fixing some of these issues down the road can become costly and there are even times the repair work is not worth the cost of the piano itself.  A technician will also be able to spot any signs of rodent damage or even any sort of infestation the piano may have.  We moved a piano for a woman last year who had purchased it on Craigslist.  Lo and behold, she called us back two weeks later in tears.....the piano had termites.  We went out and picked the piano back up - took it to Geiger Pest Control to have it fumigated and then returned it to her several days later.  Geiger was also going out to her home to determine if the termite infestation had spread beyond the piano.  An inspection prior to purchasing this piano would have revealed this issue, saving the woman hundreds in hidden costs.  Seeing as how you will be purchasing as-is with no warranty off of Craigslist, it makes sense to have an inspection done prior to making your final decision.  You will also want to factor in the additional cost of having the piano moved to your home and then tuned.  Our repair shop is constantly busy working on pianos that were damaged due to being moved improperly - the last thing you will want is an additional expense of repair work should the piano become damaged in transit.  Another thing for you to keep in mind - many regular furniture movers have insurance that will only cover $.60 on the pound.  An average grand piano weighs 800 pounds which will allow a maximum of $480 to cover any damages that may occur during the move.  Make sure you ask about the amount of insurance coverage your mover has, and when in doubt - call a professional piano mover.  Our coverage is different than furniture movers coverage and we would be more than happy to provide you with a fair and reasonable quote while giving you peace of mind that your new investment is properly covered.

Selling through Craigslist:

There are a couple of VERY IMPORTANT things you must keep in mind when selling your piano (or many other items for that matter) through Craigslist. First, if someone is coming to your home to look at the piano - ALWAYS make sure you have other people there with you when they arrive.  This is just a simple safety issue as you never know who may be walking into your home.  Second, insist that only a licensed and insured piano mover remove the piano from your home.  Many buyers will want to 'do it themselves' to save money.  This puts you, the seller, at risk.  Should someone become injured in your home while moving the piano themselves.....or should they damage your property in the process.....you will be the one responsible in both cases.  We offer discounted moving rates to those selling their piano privately who wish to include the cost of the move with the sale itself.  Often times, this is a great help in selling the piano as the buyer will not need to worry about making those arrangements themselves.  Call us today to find out how we can assist you with this arrangement.

General Questions (5)

Do you deliver?

Yes, nationwide!

Do you buy pianos?

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Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! We offer 5 and 10 year warranty's on the piano!

Do you carry new and used pianos?

Yes! We have both new and used pianos and can get you anything you are looking for?