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Our Clearwater, Florida piano store…
a little background on Randy's American Piano Liquidaotrs!

Randy Sheets, owner of our wonderful online and local Piano Liquidator , is considered by technicians, piano teachers and many in the piano industry as being very passionate and dedicated in all phases of selling and repairing pianos… But this rating came only after many years of hard work in learning all areas of the business.

Randy started back in 1988 as an eighteen year old piano mover and eventually befriended a technician in the refinishing end of the business who taught Randy by actually having him perform the tasks of a re-finisher, learning how to strip, do cabinet work and the final phases of refinishing.

His training continued when he learned all about repairing, stringing, key tops, scratch removal and general technical repair.

At age 21 he was promoted to General Manager at a local piano store where he was responsible for the delivery of pianos to private individuals and dealers throughout Florida.

Randy established an ordering procedure for obtaining pianos from European and Asian countries, such as Japan, Italy and Germany. He established a list of over 126 retail accounts throughout the United States.

He did not limit himself to the Tampa Bay area. He sold and delivered pianos all over Florida which he and staff delivered weekly. As the sales increased, so did the deliveries…from Florida to the southeast.

Randy has always surrounded himself with experts in the industry. For instance, he has worked with many well-respected piano technicians. (Please see piano technicians listing on the website).

In 1998 Randy established Wholesale Pianos located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Offering pianos at less than retail His firm sells an average of a dozen grand pianos locally each month to private individuals and several to dealers around the country.

Because of Randy’s reputation for honesty and fairness his firm has an A Rating with the Better Business Bureau and even a Google rating of 100%. He is now celebrating his thirteenth year as a licensed piano disk installer. His staff of movers, finishers, and techs has over 100 years of experience. Sales have increase not only to around the nation, but also around the world. His team are experts in all aspects of shipping. Not only nationwide, but worldwide.

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